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How to Get Your Start-Up Mentioned in TechCrunch

Posted on 05 April 2009 by Demian Turner

Thanks to the guys over at RentBits for these tips, and to Arrington for linking it 😉

  1. Develop a great product or service
    1. Why is your product different?
    2. What problem does it solve?
    3. Tell a Story
  2. Provide a frame of reference
    1. i.e The Zillow For Rentals
  3. Get their attention
    1. The editors of TechCrunch receive many emails a day. They should know exacly what your service or product does by reading the first two sentences of your email.
  4. Help them get to know you
    1. Add your company to CrunchBase
    2. Got technology news? Send them tips with a link to your blog post. We got two links to our blog from this and this post.
  5. Don’t use PR superlative “fluff”
    1. Stay away from terms like, “best”, “fastest”, “most”, etc. Also stay away from words like “revolutionary”, “web 2.0″, “leading”, “disruptive”

We got quite a bit of coverage with Kindo but that was mainly thanks to our huge backing – with Doris it will take a bit more effort 😉

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Kindo Acquired by MyHeritage

Posted on 23 September 2008 by Demian Turner

I didn’t get a chance yet to blog about our last TechCrunching, but Kindo, the startup I co-founded in March 2007, today announced its sale to MyHeritage, the biggest player in the family tree space.

Kindo is a PHP social net app built on the Seagull framework and other open source software.  At peak popularity our users were building 38k profiles/day and we acquired more than 1m profiles in our first 10 weeks.  More details on my CV.

Hats off to the Kindo team and to the Kindo devs who don’t appear in the TC photo.

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Kindo releases a private beta

Posted on 19 September 2007 by Demian Turner

Our team at Technovated has been working very diligently for the
past few months to get a new application off the ground. Its called Kindo
and we have finally released a private beta. If you would like to get onto the beta testers list, then submit
your email address via the form on www.kindo.com.

We have also released a new blog on blog.kindo.com, so if you would like to keep up to date with our latest news, then please visit it. Comments are more than welcome ;)

Here are some snippets from two interesting posts on the Kindo blog


We’re having fun building the Kindo application and used a number of frameworks and components to achieve the finished result.

For the web framework we’re using Seagull which offers excellent
integration with Flash through the AMF PHP request handling and easy
integration with Ajax and Graphviz. For the Ajax interactions we use
jquery exclusively, for Graphviz a heavily extended version of the PEAR
lib of the same name. Working with the dot language has been
interesting and a good opportunity to experiment with the subtleties of
a genealogy graph.


A little while ago we released an Alpha to a small group of people,
to gather valuable user feedback. Thanks to those great people, we’ve
had our heads down improving Kindo, and as a result we’re releasing the
Beta, and at the same time opening it up to a wider audience for more

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