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Salary Trends for PHP Devs in London, UK

Posted on 18 January 2008 by Demian Turner

Andrew sent over this interesting analysis of salary trends for PHP devs in London, was suprised such detailed info was available.  The only prob is the salary data is quite understated in my experience, advanced devs can easily find gigs for £50-70k, but it’s certainly true that agencies and often employers do very poor jobs differentiating between mediocre and ninja candidates.

Another shocker, for me at least, is while £200/day was quite a typical rate last year for HTML guys who knew a bit of CSS (PHP guys could get £300), this year has seen a significant jump with the frontend guys able to command £300/day.

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PHP Freelance

Posted on 20 January 2005 by Demian Turner

PHP Freelance Work

PHP Job Links

Are you looking for ideas on how to start offering
your PHP skills for money? Here are a few links I’ve come across offering PHP (and other) freelance opportunities for
the aspiring entrepreneur.

nb: if you end up on a page that doesn’t look obviously PHP related, enter PHP as the search term.

www.elance.com www.freelancers.net
www.rentacoder.com www.jobvertise.com
www.allfreelancework.com work-at-home-jobs-xcelerator.com
www.mojolin.com www.phpcareer.com
www.hotjobs.com www.monster.com
www.totalfreelance.com www.guru.com
listbid.com devbistro.com
theitjobboard.com php-freelancers.com
freelancesolutions.com getafreelancer.com
scriptlance.com projectsimple.com
projectlance.com colance.com
codelance.com freelancequotes.com
techfreelance.com outsourcetoday.com
ukjobs.ostg.com Freelance Work
ifreelancers.com scriptverse.com
odesk.com people4web2.com
freelanceswitch.com www.freelancersoutpost.com

Freelance Resources

The following resources will give you ideas on how to set up your own business,
how to get customers, business advice and general freelance pointers:

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