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What’s the best ERD tool for the Mac?

Posted on 02 August 2009 by Demian Turner


I spent ages combing the web for a decent ERD tool for the Mac, and for some time resigned to using dbwrench, a java binary the provides decent but limited functionality and is free of charge.

The choice of tools for ERD work is much narrower than what’s available on Linux or the PC, where something like DBDesigner 4 is fantastic and can handle pretty much any job you throw at it.

Then finally I stumbled across SQLEditor and I have to say it’s excellent.  It has a sharp and clean GUI with the attention to detail you’d expect from a first rate Mac app.  However there is a price tag, $79, and after years of being able to depend on high quality apps that are available for free, I have to say paying such a price takes some getting used to.  In this case I think it’s totally worth it and would recommend this tool for any Mac-based software developer.

NB: As phpMyAdmin has collapsed in recent versions, you might also be looking for a decent MySQL client.  Here are some I’ve had a good experience with:

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DreamCoder for MySQL Ver 4.2 Released

Posted on 16 November 2007 by Demian Turner

Mentat Technologies , leaders in database administration software development. Today announced the new DreamCoder for MySQL Ver 4.2.

What’s new in DreamCoder for MySQL?

* Improved connection stability.
* Reestablish connection option .
* Improved SSH connections.
* Enhanced alias description.
* Improved Query Builder usability.
* Enhanced data compare.
* Several minor bugs are fixed.

You can learn more about DreamCoder for MySQL at:

You can download DreamCoder for MySQL at:

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Debugging MySQL

Posted on 27 June 2007 by Demian Turner

Had an interesting problem this morning, a chain of SQL tasks where the last one was mysteriously failing, ie, the result returned from $dbh->query($sql) was the expected integer 1, however the UPDATE was not reflecting in the data.

I suspected there was a transaction somewhere that was incomplete and that the query was valid, just not being committed, and this turned out to be correct. Best way to demonstrate this is to run MySQL with logging enabled. Following details are for OS X where MySQL was installed as a port:

mysqladmin shutdown

mysqld_safe5 –log &

tail -f /opt/local/var/db/mysql5/demian-turners-computer.log

and output demonstrated the problem, first of all a correct sequence:

111 Init DB foo
111 Query BEGIN
111 Query UPDATE user_preference
SET value = ‘UTC’
WHERE preference_id = ‘2’
AND usr_id = 1
111 Init DB foo
111 Query COMMIT

and then the incorrect one:

070627 12:43:23 111 Init DB foo
111 Query BEGIN
111 Query UPDATE usr set person_id = 1 WHERE usr_id = 1

ie, no commit.

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Mentat Technologies Announces Mysql Turbo Manager Free Edition

Posted on 15 December 2006 by Demian Turner

– Mentat Technologies, Inc. Today announced it will reinforce its commitment to the MySQL developer community by offering a brand new MySQL Turbo Manager Free Edition.

MySQL Turbo Manager Free Edition is a brand new, free graphical tool for database development and administration. With MySQL Turbo Manager Free Edition, you can browse database objects, run SQL statements and SQL scripts, edit and execute Stored Procedures. MySQL Turbo Manager Free Edition enhances productivity and simplifies your database development and administration process with a functionality and friendly GUI.

MySQL Turbo Manager works with any MySQL Server versions from 3.2.3 to 5.1 and supports all MySQL objects and all MySQL options.

You can download MySQL Turbo Manager Free Edition at:

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MySQL Turbo Manager ver. 3.7 released

Posted on 05 December 2006 by Demian Turner

Mentat Technologies announces a new version of MySQL Turbo Manager.-Powerful tool for MySQL Database administration and development.

The New MySQL Turbo Manager 3.7 includes the most advanced options for database development and administration.

Download a trial:

To find out more details about this MySQL Turbo Manager, please visit at:

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DB portability Idea

Posted on 10 March 2005 by Demian Turner

There’s quite an interesting article by Daniel Convissor, the maintainer of PEAR DB, on making a database schema portable across DB vendors. His approach is quite interesting, he uses customised meta tags to describe data types, then runs the meta-schema through a regex-replace script to produce native outputs for the target DB.

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