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Test Like a Nazi

Posted on 19 May 2009 by Demian Turner

In this video we see Hitler castigating his core dev team for failing to to be true to Agile methodologies and cutting corners on their testing.

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  1. Werner Says:

    Hi Demian,

    reading the headline i thought you have new facts for code testing, but watching the clip was funny, too. Understanding german orgininal it’s even more funny!

    “I even brought you guys bagels, donuts and whatever you wanted for lunch”…

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    hehe, i wish i understood German 😉 Loved the clip first time I saw it, then realised the same footage has been used for many vids on youtube, just with different subtitles. This is still the funniest 😉

  3. Chris M. Says:

    heh. I was giggling at the bagels and donuts comment too.

  4. Max Says:

    It’s a bit distracting when you understand what they are saying cuz the subtitles do not match the spoken words in the slightest. But how Hitler acts out fits the subtitles well. Very funny indeed.

  5. Demian Turner Says:

    yeah, I think not understanding German is key to finding this funny 😉 I have seen another spoof using this same video and different subtitles, but it was not nearly as funny.

  6. RichardOn Says:

    Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

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