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Handy Design Patterns Cheatsheet

Posted on 10 October 2008 by Demian Turner

Wei Ling Chen from DZone contacted me the other day to announce a range of cheatsheets (or refcardz) they have made available for free download.  They offer a whole range from Java, to PHP to .NET to Flex and more.

I found the cheatsheet for design patterns quite interesting, you need to register with the site in order to get the download link.

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  1. zet Says:

    providing full name, telephone nr, company name, full address, job function, company size, etc. just to download a pdf? are they out of their minds?

  2. Dave Nattriss Says:

    Thanks muchly for that, Demian 🙂

  3. Demian Turner Says:

    @zet – i agree it’s a bit much, and i even had to wait around 6 hours for my confirmation email to arrive, but PDF is nice when u finally get it 😉

  4. Martin Fjordvald Says:

    But are they worth all the advertising they’ll be able to send us?
    Didn’t think so.

    They ought to offer it for free and then if people were interested they’d sign up. Right now this offer is just “meh”.

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