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Resetting the password in Open X

Posted on 03 July 2008 by Demian Turner

OpenXEvery time I need to reset the admin password in Open X it takes me ages to scan through all the tables, thinking “which bloody table would contain the admin password”, remembering from the last time it’s the one you least expect …

For future reference, it’s the preference table, record 0 and where the agency_id = 0.  Imagine, who ever would have thought of a password as a preference.  I suppose it’s getting better, in phpAdsNew it was in the config table!

This is where logical thinking can cause you to waste hours of time: an application has many users, each user has a password …

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  1. till Says:

    Yeah, painful, isn’t it? I had to go through this a bunch of times.

  2. Arlen Coupland Says:

    Hello from Arlen!

    How’s life, long time no talk

    Technically there is a ‘Forgot password?’ link on the main login page of 2.4, although it has had some bugs reported which will of course be fixed.

    In 2.5 it is located in the ‘users’ table 😉


  3. Demian Turner Says:

    Hey Arlen – how are ya? Things are good thanks 😉 I have yet to find the forgot password link in open x, didn’t see it anywhere, or maybe i have 2.3 ..

  4. Arlen Coupland Says:

    Rocking like a hurricane 🙂 I’ll have to look you up next time I’m in London. My kid is now 2.5 years old – can you believe its been so long? Seems like only yesterday you were setting up my computer at the office… Hard to believe that 3 years ago you were merely a windows desktop administrator 😉

  5. Olaf Says:

    UPDATE phpads_config SET admin_pw = MD5(‘yourpassword’);

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