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Hope your favourite mailing list is as entertaining as php_london

Posted on 18 January 2008 by Demian Turner

Robert> In case you haven’t seen it already…..

Kevin> Looks very interesting. I wonder if this means they’ll start making their
Java products a bit more MySQL friendly? At the moment, you’ll be hard
pushed to find MySQL in most JEE apps.

Harry> Or they could do a Microsoft: lay off most of the staff, cease active development and start calling it Sun Java ONE SQL Enterprise Edition…

Although I don’t think that’s likely, hopefully they’ll start focusing on it as more of an "enterprise" competitor while keeping the community edition.

Robert> More concerned it’ll go the other way – MySQL will take 2 hours to start up,
crash after 5 minutes of use and leave a useless log file on my desktop every
time :p

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