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How to find a company name

Posted on 29 August 2007 by Demian Turner

The more conventional advice is to read an excellent article like How to Name your Company. However I prefer the Xerox PARC method:

At PARC, we literally threw a dart at the map when we were starting a new project and needed a name.  If it landed on a river or town, then that was the name of the project.  I was looking at a map of this area and I noticed Adobe Creek – in fact, it runs right behind my house – and I said, "How about Adobe?"  John thought about it and said, "Fine."  And that’s how Adobe Systems came to be.

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  1. haluk demirbaş Says:

    It’s quite cool choice. For naming my company which completely focused on university students I have been thinking more than two months but I haven’t come up with a name. All the good name that I have found has already been used. I want a name begin with Uni representing ‘university’ but all the words that I have found were being used by chinese.

  2. Consultancy, security Says:

    Please send me above mentioned projects relatedname


    I am looking for a unique and meeningfull name for my new company .My new company will be on “finshing” school on education and employment

  4. amrish mehta Says:

    i want the name related to my business. Am in minerals and mining business
    please suggest me the short and unique name

  5. Rob Foxx Says:

    I can only assume that there’s a map for sale somewhere with some exceptionally poor spelling on it. How else do you explain all the Web 2.0 nonsense like Flickr, Dopplr or Pownce? 😉

  6. Joop Smits Says:

    I’m launching a company that assists companies in developing business abroad, still looking for catchy and factual name

  7. senthilvel Says:

    hey actually finding company name, email address and contact information its not always an easy task, but using boolean search strings that you can find that quickly from the search engine.

    check out this;

    i hope this would help you all.


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