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Setting up PGP in

Posted on 13 July 2007 by Demian Turner

It’s pretty straightforward to setup PGP signing and encryption in OS X’s Mail program:

  • install PGP on your machine
  • install the PGP keychain access app
  • create yourself a public/private key pair with the above app – I chose the default 1024 bit encyption and it took a few seconds to generate, Tom chose 4096 and it took > 5 mins on his Quad Mac Pro 2.66 Ghz
  • install the PGP plugin and restart the program

After that you get a box to tick if you want to sign your messages, which prompts you for your passphrase if you don’t set your Preferences to remember it. And for any addressee whose public key you’ve imported into your keychain access app, you can send an encrypted message.

UPDATE: I regret recommending this plugin, as reported by Wes in the comments I also found unread message began to report incorrectly for my IMAP account. Removing the plugin solved the problem. From the author’s FAQ

To uninstall GPGMail, you only need to delete the file GPGMail.mailbundle located in $HOME/Library/Mail/Bundles.

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  1. Wez Furlong Says:

    I recently uninstalled GPGmail because it kept marking mail that I’d already read as unread on my IMAP server.

    But if it works for you, it works for you.

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    Damn, it’s doing the same to mine, thanks for the heads up :-/

  3. Derek Fong Says:

    I had the same problem with my IMAP account, but this URL details the workaround:

    Since then, my IMAP unread counts have been accurate.

  4. Martin Hemmer Says:

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