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Seagull Gets Top Marks in Recent Framework Comparison

Posted on 20 March 2006 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Daniel Pallet over at for his recent article comparing 10 PHP frameworks. It’s a pleasant surprise that based on the checkmarks for features marking scheme, Seagull
came out with the top score. A lot of complaints from the other
contestants "you didn’t give me credit for this" – I guess visibility
of features is an important feature in itself.

Now that most of the work has been done for the 0.6 stable release, a
new round of effort is scheduled to bring the docs up to date and
improve the overall documentation format. My goal would be to get a few tutorials out to the same level of quality as the renowned Askeet series.

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  1. Evan Wired Says:

    Why “infamous”? Did the Askeet tutorial rob people? Did it cause much harm? Did the last day of the Askeet Advent live in infamy?

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    Oops, I mistakenly thought there were positive connotations for ‘infamous’ – now updated. Thanks 🙂

  3. Richard@Home Says:

    While I have no doubt seagull is an excellent piece of work, the ‘review’ in question was pretty useless. It looks like the author didn’t ‘test’ the products, but simply visited their homepages and check off a bunch of features. He certainly didn’t do any of the projects the justice they deserved.

  4. Demian Turner Says:

    I agree there seems to be quite a demand for a resource that would allow developers to efficiently appraise all the framework choices out there – to date what’s on offer has been of mixed quality. Not to mention the fact framework quality is often a moving target.

  5. Dennis Pallett Says:

    Richard@Home: I replied to you on PHPit, but I did more than just checking homepages, and making the chart took considerable time.

  6. PHP kitchen Says:

    PHP CMS/framework Reviews

    Solar (12.08.05)
    Seagull [Italian] [English](04.08.05)
    (31.05.05)XOOPS (12.03.05)
    ezPublish, ezPublish
    Mambo, Mambo, Mambo
    Vs Postnuke, Mambo Vs Every

  7. Alex Says:

    In that comparison, is not included this framework (it’s only just now growing in popularity) we made. If anyone cares to take a look, it’s at

  8. Eris Ristemena Says:

    I have my own version of how to determine which is the most wanted framework. And Zend came out first.

  9. dasarath Says:

    it,s amaging &intresting

  10. Bijay Rungta Says:

    The only thing where Seagull Framework lays behind is AJAX framework. So what are we doing on this front.

    Am I missing out on something??

    I guess we can integrate dojo toolkit there, but Dojo has a lot of bugs as of now. I need to do a lot of studying before I choose dojo.

    What do you guys say??

  11. Demian Turner Says:

    Seagull has full Ajax integration, Prototype/Scriptaculous are integrated by default as is Html_Ajax. Search the wiki for Dojo integration tips.

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