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Seagull 0.4.7 and 0.5.3 Released

Posted on 11 November 2005 by Demian Turner

We’re following the usual even-stable/odd-development release cycle, so here are the latest 0.4.7 and 0.5.3 releases respectively. The 0.5.x stream is where all the effort is being focused, new features include:

  • a rewritten task-based installer, easily extensible (thanks to Helgi on #pear for some quickform validation hacks)
  • cleaner URLs thanks to improvements by Julien Casanova. Work is in progress on an UrlAlias strategy, the Url object takes an array of strategies for easily extensible url handling
  • improved security for reinstalling live sites
  • blocks, when enabled, can now be filtered by user roles (Daniel Korsak)
  • a php4/5 compatible delegator class was added for simple object aggregation

This release is currently only implemented for MySQL so please wait until the DB maintainers catch up if you’re using another database. And PHP < 4.4.x, that will change shortly as new ZDE is finally out. And please be patient with the rough look & feel, html wizzes where are you?

The stable 0.4.7 release is just PEAR updates in response to recent security issues and a fix for the annoying Thunderbird RSS reader bug that duplicates any story that has an &amp; in the permalink. Thanks to this fix I would like to invite folks interested in keeping up with the Seagull project to subscribe to our RSS feed, so I don’t have to burden Planet-php with project posts :-).

In other news we also got the wiki fullly moved over to Trac from the previous Wacko install, a task made much easier thanks to Werner’s Wacko export and Trac import scripts. There is a certain amount of work still to be done to get the content correctly formatted however.

And it’s been a good month for press coverage, thanks to both PHP | Architect and Direction | PHP for running articles on the project. Finally Clay Hinson had done some interesting integration work getting FUD forum integrated with Seagull.

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