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Seagull Reviewed in PHP Magazine

Posted on 01 September 2005 by Demian Turner

One of the leading PHP publications, International PHP Magazine, has a roundup of PHP frameworks by Elizabeth Naramore in its latest issue. I’m happy to say that Seagull got a glowing review, and out of the 5 projects examined, including PRADO, Cake, Mojavi and php.MVC, Seagull got the highest rating – something like 4 3/4 stars out of 5 – way to go!

Unfortunately it appears PHP Magazine does not provide PDF downloads of individual issues like all the other mags, so you’ll have to physically walk over to the newsagent if you want the full story.

Looking forward to the next Seagull release which was made fully PHP 5.1 compliant yesterday in svn, a move that unfortunately required modifying 4 or 5 PEAR libs which are not moving anytime quickly toward being 5.1 compliant themselves.

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  1. Tomek Says:

    From what I read and saw it seems that Seagull is really fine project and it’s delighting to heard that it’s going to be PHP5 compilant.
    BTW. is there any kind of roadmap avaible anywhere?

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    It’s on the TODO list, should get done within the next week.

  3. Luis Says:

    Last time I looked Seagull was indeed a good framework, but so were Mojavi and Prado (I haven’t looked at the others). However they are frameworks with different scopes and comparing them is not very meaningful.

  4. Tomek Says:

    Good, BTW Seagull webpage doesn’t work well in Opera Browser

  5. Demian Turner Says:

    you sure? I just fixed it yesterday for the latest Opera on Linux, looks ok save the large fonts for form elements, ie, the login fields overlap the main content. do you see anything else?

  6. Tomek Says:

    You’re right – I was there using Opera yesterday and it wasn’t working. Glad you repaired this.

  7. vnjug Says:

    I wonder why they forgot to mention Solarphp framework ( )

  8. Demian Turner Says:

    there’s quite a few major frameworks they didn’t mention including Horde, Blueshoes, ezPublish, all of which have been around for years. Perhaps more recent contenders like Agavi and as you say Solar, were considered just that, too recent.

  9. Philippe Lhoste Says:

    “you’ll have to physically walk over to the newsagent if you want the full story”

    Well, my (French) newsagent is unlikely to have this issue. Actually, to have this magazine…

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