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Seagull 0.4.6 Released

Posted on 15 September 2005 by Demian Turner

156 commits and almost a month later, version 0.4.6 of Seagull is now available for download. It’s been a productive month, partly because I quit my job to work on this project fulltime, but also because an even greater volume of patches and new features is being sent in than usual. That could be partly due to the recently improved search ranking.

This release includes a generous helping of bugfixes :

  • Fixed missing bug icon in msie
  • Disabled FK constraints from MySQL as there appears to be a bug in the implementation. Same SQL works fine in PgSQL 😉
  • Fixed a bug where non-indexed arrays could be overwritten in Front Controller (Lorenzo Alberton)
  • Some SMTP servers had problems with Mail_smtp’s localhost default value, this is now catered for (Chris McKay)
  • Server vars now interpreted correctly on IIS 6.0, note: frontScriptName in config file MUST end with "?" (Miha Vrhovnik)
  • Fixed bug where FCK editor would not display correctly in msie
  • Some magic_quotes_gpc scenarios weren’t dealt with correctly, now fixed (Eric Persson)
  • Seagull is now PHP5.1 compliant, this involved some local as well as PEAR modifications.

and new features:

  • RSS import/export at last! (Fabio Bacigalupo)
  • Improved session management so now it is possible to search sessions with more meaningful results and single sessions per user can be enforced. Also new "who’s online" block added (Louay Gammo)
  • Admins now notified of new registrations, separate screen for activating/disabling accounts
  • Added shell script to symlink templates into modules
  • Turkish translation added (Metin Tinay)
  • Added ability to scrape and include wiki pages, requires php5 + tidy
  • Static articles can now be edited inline
  • Added postgres user and database creation script (Pierpaolo Toniolo)
  • Added the db function unix_timestamp for oracle and postgres (Tobias Kuckuck)
  • Added ability to view login history for a given user (Rolandas Burbulis)

One major feature was added just after the release, so you’ll have to checkout the bugfix branch to use it, and that is an integrated unit test runner, you’ll need the pear-installable SimpleTest to run it. Thanks to m3 Media Services Limited for granting us the right to distribute this under BSD.

Also looking at Wikiwyg recently, seems at least 1000 times faster than FCK, anyone using this?

Finally I would say subscribe to the project’s new RSS feed but there are some date probs that still need to be ironed out so best wait a few days. And if you’re in or around Italy for the weekend of Oct 7-9th be sure to pop by SglDay2005.

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7 Comments For This Post

  1. Tomek Says:

    Speaking of WYSIWYG editors I’d like to recommend widgEditor, which is fast, small, working on IE and Firefox and aims to produce valid HTML code.

  2. Emrys Says:

    TinyMCE is a great text editor too. I couldn’t bring myself to use FCKeditor because it was too slow.
    Take a look :

  3. Tomek Says:

    TinyMCE is cool too, but I wouldn’t say it’s fast (and what is worse: bugfree).

  4. Helgi Þormar Says:

    And will you guys be opening bug reports on those given PEAR packages and giving back patches or ? 🙂
    I reckon that those are only 5.1 fixes like pass by ref and those ?

  5. Demian Turner Says:

    Hi Helgi – yes, reference fixes, here’s what I changed:

    – Config: our patch taken from PEAR buglist comments + plus additional comment added
    – HTML_Tree: not hosted at PEAR, it has a php5 only version over at phpguru
    – Mail_Mime: our patch taken from PEAR buglist comments + plus additional comment added

    Haven’t had time to keep up with pear-dev, any idea why it’s taking ages for these fixes to go in?

  6. Helgi Þormar Says:

    Hi Demian,
    Hmm I can’t say for sure, but I can poke the Mail_Mime lead(s) and probably mail the Config guys also, that might help getting it in, but I’m not sure about if it will boost out a relehe ase 🙂

    A side note, Seagull is now PHP 5 ? Hence the usage of PHP 5 package (HTML_Tree)

  7. Demian Turner Says:

    hiya Helgi, with the last release Seagull works fine on php 5.1, but it is not php5.x only, which is what the latest HTML_Tree is.

    Only prob I had is ref issues with HTML_Quickform which I didn’t get around to fixing, so from a Seagull point of view everything is fine with the exception of editing blocks.

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