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A message of praise to Londoners

Posted on 09 July 2005 by Demian Turner

As a Londoner this latest terrorist attack struck close to home (my office is in the middle bottom of the map).  Like most who travel into the capital to work, I was a commuter on the tube at 8.50 when the first bomb went off. Like others, I had been imagining for some time the horror of what it would be like to be in the tube, in a tunnel, if a bomb should go off.  The terrorists clearly planned for maximum carnage – all 3 tube bombs went off in the tunnel, at the busiest time of the day, in some of the deepest parts of the network.  For those who don’t know how crowded London tubes are, imagine you’re so packed in you can’t read the paper or a book.

As reported in the media, London’s highly skilled emergency services were prepared for such an incident and handled it in a way that impressed all who looked on. And news watchers around the globe have marvelled at how tough-skinned Londoners have been in their reaction to the disaster.

I would like to offer my condolences to the injured and maimed, to those who are still in shock, and to the friends and families who lost loved ones in the attack.  I am proud to belong to a city that denied the terrorists their objectives.

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  1. Davey Shafik Says:

    I may be an ex-pat now, but I spent the first 20 years of my life travelling to and around London to see all my family there.

    It is a wonderful city, and I echo everything you’ve said here. I have family who live 2 streets away from one of the bombings, luckily, they were either at school, or elsewhere.

    – Davey

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