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Effortlessly Create a Demo for your Product

Posted on 22 May 2005 by Demian Turner

As usual, I have to thank the dudes that hang on seagull-general for this great suggestion, check out wink if you need a screen recorder to put together a demo of your software, or anything else for that matter.

Wink allows you to capture whatever is happening on your screen, and outputs it in a variety of formats, including swf.

Inspired by RoR’s slick intros, I thought it was time Seagull got a movie demo, here’s a first attempt though admittedlly it runs too fast – soon to be tweaked.

Cheers Miha Vrhovnik.


> BTW, there’s another open source tool called vnc2swf which save a vpn
> session into a swf (flash) video:

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