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How Does My Site Look On a Mac?

Posted on 25 April 2005 by Demian Turner

UPDATE: it’s back!

UPDATE: looks like this has been taken offline, sorry 🙁

Ever wonder? Unless you’ve got a Mac, or have Linux running

PEAR PC, you’d be hard-pressed to find out. Unless you use this handy tool.

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  1. WMK Says:

    is the “this handy tool” link broken? cannot connect to 🙁



  2. lixlpixel Says:

    i’m replying just to spare you the hassle of updating this entry any further…

    the screenshot generator runs on my desktop – that’s why it’s offline sometimes. it would be a shame to have that g5 and ONLY use it for screenshots – right ?

    but it’ll tell you so on the site.

    in case you see the “temporarily offline” thingie – just do what it says – come back in a few hours and it’ll be online again.


  3. PHP Smoker Says:

    Pretty cool app. Just wish it would generate screenshots in a more common (lower) resolution. But way cool!

  4. Remote Control Warehouse Says:

    Does anyone know a current site to test Mac 1200×800 screen res? We’re trying to optimize our shopping pages, and are having trouble finding a good Mac emulator. Thanks.

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