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PHP Freelance

Posted on 20 January 2005 by Demian Turner

PHP Freelance Work

PHP Job Links

Are you looking for ideas on how to start offering
your PHP skills for money? Here are a few links I’ve come across offering PHP (and other) freelance opportunities for
the aspiring entrepreneur.

nb: if you end up on a page that doesn’t look obviously PHP related, enter PHP as the search term. Freelance Work

Freelance Resources

The following resources will give you ideas on how to set up your own business,
how to get customers, business advice and general freelance pointers:

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. Anonymous Says:

  2. Einfoway Says:

    Hey you can add to your list as well.

    A worldwide marketplace for freelancers and projects. Free sign , full proof Escrow system…

  3. thecodingmachine Says:

    The Coding Machine is a new kind of software company that hires freelance developers from all over the world. The main big difference with other classical auction websites is that we split big projects into individual components that can be handled by one developer.

    Working with big projects means well paid allowances, and we think our components are paid a higher price than other similar offshore web-platforms.

    We now have a new PHP project online. The Maps Administration project is an administration solution project to manage interactive maps. This program will enable the administrators to upload media files on the platform and to create interactive content objects.

    Moreover another project will be online next week, so there’s a pretty big chance you’ll find something for you.

    The first project’s component is now released and more components will be released this week. The prices for the components vary between $300 and $1300. Please have a look at our website: for more explanations, read the requirements, subscribe and bid for the components!

  4. Kenai Says:

    There’s another at

  5. Roberta Says:

    looking for an excellent freelancer who is honest and will complete the job. Have an An Ae dating Software site. Trademarked and on discs Any references would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. please get in touch. No Indians please. Structured honest individaul or team who will get the job done on the exact date. Timeline a must

  6. ProjectAnswer Says:

    You might also try a new startup company that also has PHP projects called It uses an innovative PowerBid model that helps weeds out those freelancers less confident in their bids on projects.

    Just getting off the ground, all services are free as of the time of this post

  7. HappyTapper Says:

    There’s also another one at which is an online marketplace where Businesses can hire Freelancers to undertake their programming, web design and other IT related projects.

  8. Bjoern Fredriksen Says:

    You can also add to that list. Not much PHP related there at the moment, but the number of projects are growing.

  9. Jill Says:

    Check out We are an new online marketplace providing a free directory to tech freelancers in the U.S. and clients trying to find them. We aren’t structured around a competitive bidding process because we believe that freelancers are most successful when they build their client base on the value of their abilities and relationships rather than price wars.

  10. sonia Says:

    There is so much to search to look and earn on these freelance site as well as frauds, run away clients without any payments. so beware

  11. SK Says:

    Hi i have 2 year Company experience in PHP Programming… I am really new to freelancing.. i can do effecient coding but i dont know how to get projects and whom to contact and all .. so .. can u pls guide me for free lancing coding .. pls

  12. Bhargav Khatana Says:

    Hello there,

    We are one of the leading web-development unit in inda, and we upto now have proved on any challenges, we are honest and hard working too.


  13. weilies Says:

    Hey, i found this freelancer site quite friendly.

    I tried the system. It’s completely free for both service provider and buyer(freelancer)

    Maybe you can try out 😀

    Good Luck!

  14. Andie Says:

    well, I still go for I know everyone can agree with me. Its safe and rest assured that you will be paid on your hourly based jobs.

  15. ahmad Says:

    i use scriptlance and i have a good experience using them

  16. Lester Says:

    Please add to your list. We have many registered PHP freelancers wanting to bid for work.

  17. Rob Says:

    I think is also good site you can get quick reply your query

  18. Jane Says:

    Can you add to the list .It is a freelance job aggregator website.

  19. danney Says:

    I think is also good site you can get quick reply your query and site is totally free

  20. phpfreelancer Says:

    wordpress freelancers
    for wordpress freelancers and wordpress jobs and wordpress projects

  21. phpfreelancer Says:

    php freelancers
    for php jobs , php projects, php freelancer

  22. Albert Says:

    Nice overview. Please be so kind to add to the list.


  23. Demian Turner Says:


  24. Robin Says:

    There is another IT-project board for freelancer and IT-providers worldwide called Freelancer can register for free and apply without limits or fees for projects of global clients.

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