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Posted on 20 January 2005 by Demian Turner

PHP CMS/framework Reviews

Interesting But Couldn’t Find Reviews

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  1. Demian Turner Says:

    Thanks to Hendy Irawan who sent this comment in earlier:


    The high level overview of my CSF framework is available at

    The “high leveL” is available in the Features section of the CSF Guide. It
    covers basically all of CSF’s features (not including modules, of course).

    BTW in my comparison I rounded to three greatest candidates:
    Horde, SiteManager, Binarycloud.

    My criteria for “rounding” are at least as follows:
    – Using a good, open-source, non-proprietary, metadata capable database
    abstraction layer (Horde & SiteManager fails this criteria)
    – Using a flexible, open-source, non-proprietary, template engine (Horde &
    SiteManager fails this)
    – Does not use the Controller pattern extensively, i.e. allows independent
    scripts (…logic [I forgot the name] and fuse-wannabes fails this
    – Does not require any daemon or PHP extensions, whatever besides
    Apache+PHP (Midgard fails this)
    – Supports internationalization/NLS (almost all supports this)
    – Documented using phpDoc/Javadoc syntax (I guess SiteManager fails this)
    – Fast loading (not tested)
    – Ready to use i.e. at least working (Binarycloud fails this)
    – Easy to setup & does not use complex configuration setups (Binarycloud
    fails this)

    Actually binarycloud is the “best” but because it’s not “ready” and it’s
    phing-based build stuff makes it out of the list.

    The conclusion is NONE of the frameworks I surveyed met even the basic
    criterias I wanted.

    So I developed CSF, which meets ALL of the criterias I want, plus more.
    Others’ purposes may be different than mine though. But for people
    developing a site not bigger than GaulDong (which I think is not that
    “small”)… I think CSF is more than enough. It’s not stable yet, but it’s
    working and has very useful usable modules (like Messaging, Friend List,
    Chat, administrative tools, database logging, etc. a complete list of
    current modules is available at

    If you’ve met any other framework I’ve not listed in my survey please let
    me know (even though my survey is VERY old). I’m very interested in Creole
    and the other “thingy” (Propel??? I can’t recall well) but I have to wait
    for PHP5 support.

    I will not be able to switch to another framework though… but it’s
    always nice to be able to recognize other frameworks, do a review,
    comparison, whatever, list one’s strong points and weak points, etc. But
    maybe somehow I can do horizontal (or even vertical) integration with a
    module of another framework (or not a framework, maybe CMS, whatever) so
    it’ll be more useful… and not reinventing the wheel everytime.

    As for “the wheel”, I tried my best NOT to reinvent the whell, but do it
    nonetheless if I had to. MDB & Smarty were clear choices to me. But when I
    first developed CSF I did write my own date/time routines. Then when I had
    to take timezone into account I used PEAR Date (& Date_TimeZone, and all
    related of course). But it turns out PEAR Date has several “glitches” (%e
    not handled in Windows, HEAVILY unoptimized uncached strftime() calls,
    etc.) I know this because I’m using xdebug2+wincachegrind and these
    Date::format() calls are damn slow… so I had to put some optimizations
    developers are just insane? I’m not complaining actually, it’s just too
    weird for me. Maybe they use PEAR Date only once in 10 scripts, while I
    use date::format nearly 50 times (or more) in one script, ALL WITH

  2. Pieter Claerhout Says:

    Maybe you can add the Yellow Duck Framework from

    It features everything you would expect in a framework such as database abstraction, an object-relational mapper, form handling and validation, image and file handling, generation of XML and so on. As of last week, we also have a full blown weblog application built with it which you can download.

  3. Demian Turner Says:

    sure, added, if you know of a review of your framework – not by yourself ;-), let me know in the comments

  4. Dave Says:

    Hi guys, I just want to inform you a Open Source Portal and Directory It has List of Content Management System and other softwares such as Blogs, Forums, E-learning, etc. Have fun 🙂



  5. Mario Says:

    Maybe you could add this list in the “various links” section:
    It’s a selection of frameworks that have an estabilished popularity and user-base. Currently there are 9 links. If I am missing an important one, anyone let me know. Mario

  6. Demian Turner Says:

    hi Mario – the point of this page is to give more info/reviews on the frameworks, your page really doesn’t say anything about the projects listed. if you have a review pls submit it here and i’ll put it up.



  7. Mario Says:

    Hi Demian. I can’t disagree, actually. I was proposing it as a sligthtly off-topic but still interesting link, much more selective than the typical directory’s category you would see on a general directory (such as dmoz) or a FFA-like php scripts repository (such as hotscripts). Is there any another way to have a link pointing there (not necessarily in that location)? Feel free to email me. Regards, Mario

  8. Demian Turner Says:

    i agree that the projects that you’ve chosen are some of the important players in the php framework space, but without providing info about them i can’t see any reason to link to your site. this site tries to avoid leading readers to dead ends in general.

  9. steve b Says:

    Here is a new one that looks very interesting. It is based on the Ruby Rails ieas.

  10. lsd Says:

    Molins framework for PHP5, with compatible struts configuration files.

  11. francois Zaninotto Says:

    A new HP framework that probably requires a peek: *symfony*.
    Visit for more details.
    Today is the day when we release it, so we advertise it in hope that the community will like it !

  12. Mike Ho Says:

    Just wanted to let people know about Qcodo, a development framework that was presented both at the MySQL User’s Conference in April and the Zend/PHP Conference in October of this year. It has just been released as an open source product, and has gotten quite a lot of positive feedback.

  13. Rasel Says:

    handel php & xml

  14. Supernerd Says:

    There is another framework, which actually likely predates all frameworks listed, but has recently been released under a public opensource license. We encourage all to check it out. It is very mature and has unique features not found in any other php framework (GuiControls).

  15. Moses Dinakaran Says:

    I haven been Using Yellow Duck framework which makes me to Love PHP

    It Features the Following

    – PHP4: YES
    – PHP5: YES
    – MVC: no
    – Multiple DB’s: YES (supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite)
    – ORM: YES (YDDatabaseObject)
    – DB Objects: YES (YDDatabaseObject)
    – Templates: YES (smarty)
    – Caching: NO
    – Validation: YES
    – AJAX: YES
    – Auth Module: YES
    – Modules: lots, like YDGraph, YDPdf, YDCart, YDFeedCreator, YDInstaller, YDMySQLDump
    – Documentation: YES, a 300+ page user guide and full API documentation

    It has a nice Documentation and also I can able to get help through mailing List provided by Yellow Duck.

    Interested people please try… Its Very easy to Learn (


  16. Max Says:

    Green Orange is a community of developers who love PHP. We are currently developing an exciting project called Green Orange Framework.

    GOF (Green Orange Framework) was born from an idea to use a browser as a development environment to build stand-alone applications for the web.

    Web projects are built using PHP programming language incorporating a complete collection of classes, organized in levels and families (packages).

    Green Orange allows you to code sites using OOP practices.

    Further, Green Orange is the first PHP development environment that uses a graphic user interface (GUI) to easily and quickly build a site within your browser.

    The framework and the whole visual development environment is licensed under GPL, therefore it completely free.

    Our framework is your framework so we invite you to use it, spread it, expand it, and to report every possible bug to us, with the goal to improve and share it with the whole community when it is completed.

    Come and join us…

  17. Absolut Engine PHP Framework Says:

    Also do not forget to check Absolut Engine (former CMS and now successful PHP framework).

  18. Yuri Huitrón Says:

    Code Igniter or Seagull ?

  19. Mercurial INtent Says:

    Their website has disappeared – domain now being up for sale from one of those domain name ‘holding’ companies.

    Unfortunately a nice framework may have died …

    Post here if you know of its renaming or other such event as to cause us to lose track of it.

  20. Ivan Says:

    Yo may consider this one too – QPHP. It is ASP.NET like, object oriented, event driven, component based, ajax support, i18n support, highly customizable.

  21. Tanis Says: describes Frontier PHP5, “Phrame” on steroids.

  22. gbaster Says:

    i fount a new qood phpframework

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