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Resources for Choosing a CMS

Posted on 07 December 2004 by Demian Turner

There’s a good article over on TechRepublic with some advice/resources to look at when choosing your next (or first) CMS.

  • CMS
    strategy: Don’t put the cart before the horse

    Content management isn’t about buying a piece of technology. It’s about
    putting business needs first and finding the best solution for your
    organization, processes, and staff. Find out how to handle the first
    critical step: outlining a business strategy.
  • Consider
    these factors when determining ROI on a CMS

    As IT budgets tighten, there’s a strong demand to prove return on
    investment when mapping out big projects, such as implementing a CMS
    solution. We’ll show you how to determine ROI so you can move ahead with
    your CMS project.
  • Defining
    CMS technical requirements

    Defining the technical requirements of a CMS effort is just as critical as
    evaluating the content issues involved. Find out who to talk to, what to
    ask them, and how to avoid common pitfalls when determining the technical
    issues at hand.
  • The
    right content manager can make a CMS hum

    Choosing the right content manager is critical to the success of your CMS
    deployment. Find out what a CMS expert had to say about the role and
    responsibilities of the content manager, and the value inherent in finding
    the perfect candidate for the job.
  • What
    counts in choosing the right CMS

    Most tech leaders think that the big decision involved in implementing a
    CMS is which vendor product to go with. But as four CMS experts relate,
    there are many other factors that are much more important than the actual
    product decision.

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