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How do you define Open Source – you Moron

Posted on 15 December 2004 by Demian Turner

I don’t usually have time to follow forum posts on top of countless mailing lists, blogs and personal emails – however this post from the phpAdsNew forum pointed out to me earlier today is clearly an all-time classic.

Context: a number of users are discussing whether a free license key that enables user-tracking invalidates a software project’s claim to be "open source". Here’s a highlight:

You stupid condescending POS.

No phone-home is anonymous – you moron.
You yourself said they were using it to look at the users’ web sites – you moron.

No one criticized the quality of the work – you moron.

There is one issue here – you moron.
Requiring a key is not true open source – you moron
That is the only issue – you moron
Any copy protection (or phone-home) can be broken.
Just putting it in will foil most people who are not able to remove it.
The entire PAN user community is now going to learn Java.

Are you ever going to discuss the facts and stop your stupid name calling – you moron?

How about this? I dare you to disuse the issue.
Or this? I’ll bet you 5 bucks you cannot discuss the issue.

Was that childishly moronic enough?
Did I manage to truly embrace your childish name calling style?
Can you actually have a debate on the facts?

And I am the "ignorant’ one who needs to "grow up."
Look in the mirror SFB.
You started the personal attacks, ignoring the issues.

Hey moron, still waiting for that easy-to-make keyless version!
Instead of just calling names, prove how much smarter you are.
Go on, dazzle us all with your brilliance

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