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Seagull 0.3.11 Released

Posted on 10 November 2004 by Demian Turner

This release of Seagull is the last in the 0.3 series, with a generous round of bug-fixing and a last-minute patch, you should find it quite stable to use.

The majority of work done focused on stabilising and improving existing functionality, however a few new features were added, these include:

  • master templates: much easier to design your screens choosing from one of the multiple or no-column layouts
  • publisher went through a cleanup, the main improvement being the removal of the dependency on frames
  • substantial steps forward taken with XHTML cleanup and CSS improvements
  • first unit tests added

Quite a bit of work was done behind the scenes for changes that will be more obvious in the 0.4. series, these include

  • full implementation of a front controller, so ‘start files’ are no longer needed, and URLs can dynamically be reformatted, improving search engine/REST integration
  • enhancements in the User module including perm/role synching, and a user search feature

The full list of changes can be viewed in the changelog. As with the last release, the recommended method of install is to use the PEAR web installer, however a tarball of all the files needed is also available.

Thanks as always go to all the Seagull developers – we’ve dipped into the SF top 50 this month. You can checkout the Seagull presentation given at a recent PhpLondon meeting and come and see us in Poland for the upcoming PHP conference happening there.

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