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How to Use JMS with PHP

Posted on 04 November 2004 by Demian Turner

Haven’t heard anyone mention this recent article from O’Reilly, quite a good read:

JMS (Java Messaging Service) is an interface implemented by most
J2EE containers in order to provide point-to-point queuing and
topic-based (publish/subscribe) functionality. JMS is frequently used
by enterprise and back-end applications for distributed communication
and collaboration. PHP is a powerful scripting language popular for use
with Apache’s CGI facility. Although efforts are being made to develop
PHP as a back-end scripting language, its use is still very much
confined to front-end applications. Combining the strengths of
PHP–easy and fast web development, and compatibility with many types
of databases–with those of JMS, which is the standard for
communication with back-end enterprise applications, creates a powerful
and easy-to-use tool for both Java and PHP developers.

PHPMQ gives the PHP developer JMS-like abilities through the MantaRay messaging bus. This document gives an overview of PHPMQ and its use by the PHP developer.

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