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Stored Procedures with PHP

Posted on 04 September 2004 by Demian Turner

Thanks to good old Damien Seguy from my home town of Montreal who’s spotted this interesting article on how to go about stored procedures in the upcoming MySQL 5. Missed altogether from the PHP blogosphere as far as I can tell, I guess it says something about the boundaries between the english and non-english parts of the community.

Still very little talk about stored procs in PHP circles, I hope this will change soon. At a recent contract in Latvia I showed up and was introduced to the 850 procedures that ran the application – a bit taken aback at first but I came to appreciate how much easier it made the project to maintain.

Unsurprisingly, many feats of programming cleverness are equated with great manhood and oneupmanship – the chief there used to boast how in his consultant days he had to run around cleaning up after the Oracle folk, and in one case reduced a stored proc running time from 2.5 days to a mere 6 hours 🙂

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