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Migrating from Access MySQL

Posted on 14 September 2004 by Demian Turner

[Even though this posting is a thinly veiled promotion for commercial database software, I’m publishing it for those interested in migrating from MS products to MySQL — Demian]

In an era where data becomes volumetric in every business, much attention has been given to proper database management and the ease of data access. Businesses that use Access begin to look for an alternative which allows better database performance, higher reliability, higher flexibility, yet inexpensive.

With the numerous choices available in the market, considering you don’t want to put too much investment on it, only one, MySQL, stands out from the crowd. MySQL’s flexibility allows you to deploy it cross various platforms, it also allows multiple user access concurrently. If you wish, you can still continue to do your data administration through Access as a front end. However, despite the various MySQL’s features overtaking Access, whether or not to migrate your data from Access to MySQL still need an in-depth consideration.

In this paper, I will firstly discuss about whether or not to migrate your Access data to MySQL. Then, I will cover about the considerations, planning and preparations which you should made before migrating your data. After all the planning and preparation stages has been finished, I will illustrate to you how the migration can be done with the help of Navicat, a MySQL database administration GUI.

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