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XMLHttpRequest Techniques

Posted on 08 July 2004 by Demian Turner

Check out Chregu Stocker’s blog for good usage of the XMLHttpRequest technique, where a remote resource is called and loaded into the page without refreshing the browser.  He uses it in his search box – type slowly 😉

Like many I thought this was an msie-only technique, but according to the Apple page most browers support this object now with the exception of Opera.  This will definitely bring web apps a little closer to their desktop cousins.

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  1. demian Says:

    Harry has just put out some good articles on the subject, check out Crouching Javascript, Hidden PHP parts 1 and 2. In particular this reference gives some good info on XMLHttpRequest.

  2. diannes Says:

    Up until just recently I’ve never been a big Javascript fan, but XMLHttpRequest has turned that around. Some useful links:

  3. demian Says:

    yeah, a game is a good point, that’s the ideal usage. this is a very hot thread over at Harry’s Sitepoint blog atm, great to see a way forward to improving usability for web apps.



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