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Seagull 0.3.8 Released

Posted on 05 June 2004 by Demian Turner

Check out the latest release of Seagull, once again lots of activity on the list and many code improvements including:

  • themes properly separated and now have their own images and css directories
  • great strides have been taken towards xhtml compliance, we’re still not 100% but Seagull now uses an xhtml div-based theme as the default, with further cleanup in the sytlesheet making it easier than ever to customise (AJ Tarachanowicz and others)
  • directory structure improvement: with the latest changes you only have to give perms to one directory, and Seagull takes care of the rest for you, vastly simplifying installs
  • Czech translation added (Petr Votocek)
  • sessions can now be db-based
  • ability to switch in and out of ssl mode
  • Publisher module now fully works under PostgreSQL (Radek Maciaszek)
  • global namespace cleanup, iow, no stray vars in $GLOBALS, everything is namespaced
  • new guestbook module
  • new fortune/random message module (Micha?Willemot)

And many other smaller fixes, check the changelog for ful details, and grab the latest tarball.

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