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Seagull 0.3.7-beta3 Released

Posted on 12 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Well, it looks like we’re going through a longish beta cycle on the 0.3.7 release of Seagull.  We’re now at beta3 and expect the next release to be stable.  There’s a feature freeze on finally, so new functionality you can enjoy:

  • a tool to regenerate DataObject entity files (Gerry Lachac)
  • cache manager (Demian Turner)
  • a number of outstanding bugs squashed
  • nestedSet issues resolved (Andy Crain, Pierpaolo Toniolo)
  • db schema cleaned up (Radek Maciaszek)
  • updated install script for root users (Demian Turner)
  • improved approach to creating content with articles (Demian Turner)

The Italian translation is the most up to date, perhaps you might be inspired to use Seagull’s translation manager to help us move forward with the rest of the translations? 

Download the latest beta and let us know any bugs you find.  Don’t forget to check out the wiki, lots of info being added including additions to the code examples.

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