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Roundup of Data Modellers

Posted on 05 April 2004 by Demian Turner

Many thanks to Radek Maciaszek who put together this roundup of data modelling tools:

 + cross platform
 + reverse engineering
 + support postgresql by odbc

zeos database designer:
 + should be cross platform
 – doesn’t work on my system (crashes on startup)
Maybe it will work on yours?

 ± commercial but with freeware version
 ± needs eclipse
 + reverse enginering
 + work with mysql and pgsql and with any jdbc sql’92 compatible db

  + written in java (platform independent)
  + full source code available
  + reverse/forward engineering
  + mysql/postgresql/mssql/oracle
  – ugly

  + java (platform independent)
  ± commercial but with freeware version
  + reverse engineering
  – problems with references 

  – needs tomcat
  + should work with mysql and postgresql

Abeille Personal Edition
  ± commercial but with freeware version

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. nurikabe Says:

    Elegant solution to an old problem:

  2. demian Says:

    Look also at: This is for UML. After few improvements should be really great tool

  3. akylyn Says:

    this project seems to be promising. simple swiss army modeler with and XML / XSL approach for exporting db scripts out of models

  4. editor Says:

    Having a tool is good. Having a method is even better 😉
    \"Database Modelling in UML\". This article offers a step by step approach to transform a UML
    object-oriented class model in a purely relational database.

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