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Seagull 0.3.7 Released

Posted on 26 March 2004 by Demian Turner

At last a new Seagull release, 0.3.7 is finally ready, we’re going to go through a few betas but functionality is basically set.  New features/improvements of note:

  • navigation manager now outputs CSS rendered html lists with a sytlesheet chooser
  • new translations: Chinese, German, Italian and Russian
  • language manager that provides tools to maintain, validate and create new translations
  • improved handling of language files and character sets
  • you can now extend the WizardMgr class to easily create multi-page forms, example included
  • preferences system added: admin can manage default pref values, registered users can alter their own preferences
  • Seagull is now able to run in shared hosting environments with safe_mode enabled
  • new web GUI for modifying config values
  • core framework files relicensed to BSD for greater flexibility
  • simplified install, added more user-friendly error messages to ease first time setup
  • many bugfixes, optimisations and general code cleanup

We have also started the Seagull documentation wiki which will eventually supercede the dated overview docs.  Check it out for more project info, developers’ bios – help up get the docs up to speed with the rest of the project.

A special thanks to all the developers who helped getting great features in this release, in alpha order: Andy Crain, Henry Juan, Werner M. Krauss, Gerry Lachac, Radek Maciaszek, Ilya Nemihin and Pierpaolo Toniolo.

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