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Evaluating PHP Framework/CMSs

Posted on 12 March 2004 by Demian Turner

Judging by the logs and keywords searches that get folks to this site, there are a lot of people interested in getting info on the latest and greatest free software framework solutions.  I use framework/CMS in the title because I believe there is a lot of crossover – although there are some who will argue religiously against this point. 

A CMS as I understand it is a software product which allows a user to compile a collection of content in various media and provides various tools to sort and manage the content.  Examples of CMSs are film listings sites, social network sites, blogs, etc.

A framework is perhaps one step backwards in terms of detail, it’s a system of code that acts as the glue to keep your application together.  Examples of web applications that have nothing to do with content management might be an inventory control app, a graphical statistics analysis tool, a control panel for server administration – admittedly there is still some crossover. 

All of these examples would arguably be faster/easier to build if they were based on a framework structure that provided basic application services to units of functionality (modules) supported by the system.  Examples of basic app services might be session management, preference/config management, templating, caching, etc.  Anyone who’s programmed at least one non-CMS application will go to a considerable length to avoid having to recode all the ‘plumbing’ elements in his/her next project.

Although this site has a bias because its maintainer is also working on a framework project, I propose to assemble a ratings system that will collect public opinion regarding the multitude of FS/OSS framework/CMS solutions currently on offer, and present the results back to the public.  At the moment PHPkitchen comes up fairly highly for a google search on PHP framework, so this seems as good a place as any to do it.

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  1. renaun Says:

    I am a creator of PHP Reusable Web Framework (rwfPHP). This framework even goes a step further to just provide the basic structure to build CMS or higher level Frameworks.

    I would be please if somebody did a review on it.

    The framework is located at

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