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Birds of a Feather

Posted on 08 February 2004 by Demian Turner

I was amazed the other day to find our Seagull project has already been forked, or at least so it appears except that I can’t speak German and so can only guess.

Searching for seagull at SF now brings up two results, so let’s take a look at the new derivative, somewhat nondescriptly named webcms or just ibzswgsn if you go to the project page.  I’d like to mention briefly here how the SF guys hassled me because I was submitting ‘yet another cms’, which I can understand as this is a very crowded space at the moment – I wonder what their reaction was to webcms?

I guess this is kind of a compliment although the timing seems curious as most Seagull users will tell you the code is still very much in development and undergoing frequent changes.

The thing that impressed me is that the webcms project has 13 listed members and none of them look familiar to me from the seagull lists.  They also have probably better documentation than us, or at least they have powerpoint slides which I could only wish for!

So here’s the question, especially posed to those of you fluent in German – is this an exciting project, do these guys have better social/organisational skills than us?  Why did they never contact us or show any interest in cooperating rather than forking the project?

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  1. svobi Says:


    i just realised this post.

    the project \"ibzswgsn\" you found on should not be a fork.
    we try to teach some students some basics in webdevelopment, and perhaps the project weeks we have could produce something usefull for your project too.

    if you like to know more, you can contact me.

    greets js

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