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Dotgeek Free PHP Certification

Posted on 03 January 2004 by Demian Turner

We are glad to announce the DotGeek PHP Certified Programmer certification programme.

The certification, offered totally free, is based upon the submission of sample code or tutorials on the site and not on a traditional examination. A qualified certification board will analyze all postings.

More Information at:

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  1. spdrmnstr Says:

    I do not agree with this method. I want my PHP certification also, but this way anyone can submit code, say they get an ok rating, and wound up with a certification. even if they have only part of an idea that actually works.. but it dont mean they know how to code.. this is a discrace to the php comunity. coding isnt about judging one piece of script for a certification, maybe free hosting or something, for a contest, but not for the php certification. I also believe that something should be done about it. unfortunatly, i do not know what to do, and not experienced enough in the area to do anthing about it.
    thanks for letting me post…..

  2. Bhagavatula V Phanindra Says:

    Hello Sir/Madam
    My name is Phanindra and i want to know about PHP online certification , have training and get certified as quickly as possible.
    Thank You.

  3. senthamarai kannan Says:

    dear sir,
    iam senthamarai kannan the proud owner of the open source technologies group at yahoogroups on data mining web services using PHP.

    kindly let me know about the process of obtaining PHP certification.

  4. Isbella Says:

    plz send me the procedure to get a free php certification. The link which you provided is not working.

    Please do reply!

  5. amit Says:

    thanks sir,
    u provide a nice chance
    to participate in PHP certification

  6. Demian Turner Says:

    It appears the link and even the whole dotgeek site are dead, so please ignore this article.

  7. Sona Says:


    I rely would like to give (*PHP Certificate Exam.*)….Please give me your advise…How could i give my certification exam and how would i get my certificate…?

  8. mohanraj Says:

    My name is mohan and i want to know about PHP online certification….

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