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Getting the Best Performance out of MySQL

Posted on 22 December 2003 by Demian Turner

MySQL is a great db server for sheer performance, Jon Lim’s benchmarks confirm this.  But if you want to get truly impressive results from your setup, there are additional measures you can take:

  • make sure your version of linux is optimised for multi-threading (RH 8 and below are not)
  • considering installing your scsi disks as an RAID array for fastest disk access
  • many additional disk I/O tweaks can be achieved with hdparm
  • consider compiling MySQL yourself which opens up a range of performance enhancements
  • make sure you queries are optimised and tables appropriately indexed
  • finally benchmark performance with each modification you make, you can use a tool like MySQL Super Smack
  • and when it comes to realtime monitoring mytop can’t be beat

Thanks to the folks over at for some great MySQL articles.

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