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Why Microsoft wants to buy – then trash – Google

Posted on 12 November 2003 by Demian Turner

I don’t know this site, the Enquirer, but if Damien links to it it must be okay, definitely some entertaining examples:

Microsoft really, really wants Google. It wants Google for one reason, namely, to strip it naked and to castrate it. Microsoft wants to put an end to people being able to use the power of Google, especially as to the way that we all can use Google as a tool which makes the Internet particularly useful in helping us all to get through our days without depending on Microsoft.

Here’s another exercise. Search msn for Linux. Note that the third item returned is and that the page no longer exists. The fourth item deals with this topic “Alternatives to Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP Learn about the Microsoft alternatives and how to move to them from open source products.”

Read the whole article here.

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  1. nurikabe Says:

    Enter “Nutch”, the open source search engine:

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