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MySQL or Postgres: Going To War

Posted on 24 November 2003 by Demian Turner

One of the great things about open source is the heated discussions, not to mention the creative use of english.  I often find people who use english as a second or third language much more expressive than native speakers.  Here is a little snippet from an interesting thread I bumped into while researching a new mysterious PHP error message, “Session object destruction failed”.

Men, i was dying from laugh when i readed their “benchmark” information… In db-programmers community there are many similar “benchmarks”, which compare FoxPro with solid nature of Interbase. Many people believe in all these absurds and ask: “hey, why the IB is so slow?!”. My only answer is: “If i go to war, i choose Leopard 2A5 or Leclerc – not Ferrari, i choose BMP-3 – not Iveco truck, ’cause i will fight and question if i survive is vital to me, not to be fast”. In fact, comparing file (“desktop”) database with real SQL-compliant database server is like comparing car with tank and – believe me – programming is like war… If you really want to compare “speed”, do not use any front-ends, only embedded (built-in) capabilities like stored procedures (didn’t see anything like that in MySQL), referential integrity (“why do not use RI?”), triggered actions (i.e. ON UPDATE|ON DELETE CASCADE|DELETE|SET NULL|NO ACTION), triggers (BEFORE|AFTER DELETE|UPDATE|INSERT), custom exceptions, linked UDF’s, two-phase commit, constraints etc. How many of them are present in MySQL? I can say with hand on my heart, that since i started working with Interbase i do not want any DBMS that doesn’t provide me these things. Really, MySQL is very good database compared to dBase, Paradox, FoxPro or even Access, but it’s not a match for any real database server. Do not mix them!

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  1. prpghandi Says:

    All valid points, but still pointless. I don\’t get why people always have to bring this up. If I need all those features I\’ll use somethng else, if I don\’t I wont. I\’ll be a hypocrit now. MaxDB is released and it does all the things that MySQL didn\’t and more. There is also a proxy for communicating between MySQL and MaxDB (in the works). I haven\’t had a chance to try MaxDB yet, so if anyone else has, let us know how it works.

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