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Enough with the ‘read more’ links

Posted on 01 October 2003 by Demian Turner

I had a comment in this morning about what a pain in the ass PHPkitchen’s ‘read more’ links are to readers:

I just wanted to give you some feedback. Generally, “Read More” links are used when there is a lot of content that wouldn’t look good on the main page. You seem to use it to force people to make another click just to get a link. For example, the Sharecropper article forces you to make a click to get 5 more words. *5* I think this is a bit ridiculous. I understand that you want as many page views as possible, but seriously, you are sacrificing many, many more page views than you are gaining simply because people like me stop visiting your site when the usability is so poor. So my suggestion would be to stop using the Read More links like this. Please only use them when you have quite a bit more content that shouldn’t be on the main page (like a couple of paragraphs!). Thank you.

Point taken 🙂  As was explained to this reader:

Using the ‘read more’ links are a toss up between tracking user tastes and effectively poor usability, agreed.  As you’ve probably gathered, the only reason I use this as it increments the number of times read, and helps give me an idea which types of articles go over better with readers.  In other words, poor usability with the goal of improving content in mind 😉

Anyways, with that in mind, I will find a workaround for the problem.  All reader feedback is welcomed, and I’m always pleasantly surprised with the amount of interesting people that introduce themselves through this weblog.

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  1. joe theory Says:

    i dont mind them so much but i will make the following suggestion…since you already have a desired length set, and are already counting leftover words, why not just display the link if $words_leftover >= 100 or something similar? if $words_leftover < $limit than show the whole thing 🙂

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