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Stress Testing an Apache Application Server in a Real World Environment

Posted on 25 September 2003 by Demian Turner

If you interested in a rigourous approach to testing your app in readiness for a production environment, this is quite a nice article on the topic picked up by Coding the web:

A traditional dynamic application has five main components: the application server, the database server, the application, the database and the network. In the open-source world, the application server usually is Apache. And, often, Apache is running on Linux.

To begin the testing, we need to create an environment that facilitates micro-management of the five components. Being as most enterprise class applications are based on large proprietary hardware configurations, setting up a testing configuration often is prohibitive in cost. But, one of the advantages of the open-source model is a lot of the configurations are based on commodity hardware. The commodity hardware configuration, therefore, is the basic assumption used throughout the testing setup. This is not to say that a setup based on large proprietary hardware is not as valid or that the methods outlined are not compatible; it simply is more expensive.

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