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Spot the Difference

Posted on 29 September 2003 by Demian Turner

Bumped into FastFrame this afternoon and was immediately struck by the similarity in name to Phrame.  Then after downloading the source a quick look at the file structure and Horde came to mind.  Granted the developers credit the Horde team in the comments, but looking at the code in the main file, FastFrame.php seems to be remarkabley similar to Horde.php.

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  1. jrust Says:

    You\’ve spotted our inspirations! (I\’m one of the developers of FastFrame). We looked extensively at other frameworks, including Phrame and horde (unfortunately SeaGull hadn\’t been written when we started). Also read a lot of MVC articles (many of which we found here).

    Anyhow, we tried to take the best from each. So, the idea of an action handler class from Phrame, directory structure, registry, and docs from horde, and other ideas from articles. It\’s the beauty of open source to be able to build off of and benefit from other people\’s great work.

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