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Bearded Wonder

Posted on 21 August 2003 by Demian Turner

The guys on the alumni list from my old job never lose their sense of humour.

>…Be a Unix guru, posses good communication skills, be interested in
>investment management *AND* able to maintain the internal telephone
>Sounds like a job for the \’bearded wonder\’! Simon, are you out there? – he
>even re-wired a lift a few years ago at IPT to get to work one morning –
>how\’s that for motivation.

Nice of you to think of me Nick 🙂 That crowded IPC lift episode was
a lot of fun but I only hacked the (broken) pulse-dialling emergency
phone, rather than the lift itself.

£30-35K a year to run, support, fix and document everything, with a
Microsoft element thrown in. Hmmmm….

Having just had to mail a shedload of Windoze users to tell them
they\’ve all infected each other with Klez/LovGate, and that they
should unplug their computers and take up knitting instead of IT,
*anything* with a Microsoft element anywhere near it is still
anathema to me. Why folks continue to put themselves through that
pain I really don\’t understand.

That job ad should rightly read:

\"Wanted, omniscient technopriest with infinite patience and time to
replace several departments\’ worth of people who\’ve wandered by over
the years and implemented some consultant-recommended stuff with no
overall strategy, and have recently been laid off in a vain
cost-cutting measure when we exported all new development to the far
east. Must have beard, ponytail and an interest in software
archaeology. Salary: name it, anything you want, just please come
and help us \’cos none of us know what a computer eats, and ours all
look hungry.\"

Cheers though!

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