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Video Surveillance with PHP

Posted on 06 July 2003 by Demian Turner

Got 5 minutes and a webcam? That’s all it’ll take to set yourself up with some very basic video surveillance. This tutorial doesn’t claim it’ll solve any high end security needs, but yes basic motion detection is possible with a webcam and PHP.

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  1. sam Says:

    hehe, cute. You can probably even attach the picture from the webcam too, if you want.

    Wich would be kind of cool depending on what you\’re \"checking out\" 😉

    Eskil Kvalnes

  2. andrewik Says:

    email alert is kind of passive for surveillance. Here is the script for sending telephone alert using Voicent Gateway. (A free version is available for download at

    $voicent = new Voicent;
    $voicent->call_text("1234567", "someone there", "0");

    or make a call with a pre-recorded message:

    $voicent->call_audio("1234567", "……someone.wav", 0);

    Have fun.

  3. SjG Says:

    Also, be sure to check out Motion, an open-source Video-for-Linux (V4L) project.

    There are a number of PHP interfaces that people are building for it (check out the wiki for details).

    I have a full-time security system, built on Motion. It monitoris my house and the perimeter with *cough* cameras (more than two, less than ten) going to a concealed machine with plenty of backup power. The cameras have IR boost for night-time security. I get about 10 fps/camera, and record both stills and video. I keep about two weeks worth of event data in a secure, web-accessible hierarchy by date and time. The capture data itself is timestamped and labeled as to its location.

    My system has yielded images that are helping the police with an ongoing investigation. During the events leading up to this, I had one camera send me an SMS message any time there was motion detected, which enabled me to observe events in near realtime. If you need true realtime observation, there are ways to make it work with Motion, but I have no experience with them and can’t speak to their quality.

    Also, the Motion user community (the mailing list) is probably one of the most helpful, collaborative Open Source communities I’ve dealt with.

  4. baho Says:

    i was trying to download the VIDEO surveillance from this link,
    but the link is not active, plz can u help me to get it.

  5. Tanzila Says:

    This would be that we can make our surveillance system by ourselves.Bravo..

  6. mygeekshelp Says:

    I was trying to download the VIDEO surveillance from this link,
    but the link is not active, plz can u help me to get it.

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