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PHPseagull 0.1.5-beta Released

Posted on 14 June 2003 by Demian Turner

14-06-03    Fixed bug in retrieve password method
12-06-03    Improved error handling and validation in Newsletter
11-06-03    Disabled logging to Apache’s error_log when DEBUG was set to 0
10-06-03    Fixed bug in schema where articles used incorrect attribute mapping
10-06-03    Removed PHP short tags for XML compliance
06-06-03    Fixed bug in Documentor where anchor tags were incorrectly formed

14-06-03    Cleaned up the Login class
13-06-03    Overview docs significantly updated
12-06-03    Replaced most popup system alerts with in-browser equivalents, except for in Publisher due to js/frames issues
12-06-03    Removed Notice class made redundant by item above
11-06-03    Cleaned up GroupMgr
10-06-03    Added profanity filter for majority of user input
10-06-03    Updated PEAR classes: HTTP, HTTP_Header, HTTP_Request, Net_URL, Net_Socket

get it here.

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