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PHPseagull 0.1.4-beta Released

Posted on 05 June 2003 by Demian Turner

The PHPseagull application framework is now in version 0.1.4-beta, lots of minor bugfixes since the last version and some added functionality.

  • the project now has a forum for user feedback/queries
  • you can now browse CVS
  • the API docs have been updated and are easier to read thanks to a new version of phpDocumentor
  • you can grab the source directly from anonymous CVS
  • intro docs now translated into Spanish

Improvements include:

  • Changed package status to beta 😉
  • Added PEAR’s Net_UserAgent class for browser handling
  • Improved handling of replying to messages, changed logic based on browser detection
  • Implemented first step of basic locale handling, timezone correctly reflected
  • Cleaned up phpdoc comments, regenerated api docs with much improved phpDocumentor 1.2.0a
  • Added pagination to inbox
  • Updated Emailer (PEAR::Mail wrapper) class for quick emails
  • Made session validation method more rigourous to protect against session vulnerabilities exposed by use_trans_sid = on
  • Integrated Benchmark_Timer, ability to set markers
  • Fixed tabs to spaces to conform to PEAR standards
  • Updated PEAR libraries Benchmark, HTML_Common, Validate and DB_DataObject

Thanks for all the input so far, sometime next week I hope to get back on the docs and write a basic ‘how to create a module’ tutorial.

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