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Posted on 11 June 2003 by Demian Turner

6 million pages is a lot 😉

Every passenger of Lufthansa, whether a private customer or an organization, benefits from the superior response time and friendly experience of the e-ticketing system on The site’s e-ticketing functionality, including on-line booking, payment, frequent traveler services, scheduling, check-in etc., rely on a PHP-based e-booking engine developed and maintained by Lufthansa.

Customer service ranks very high on Lufthansa’s list of priorities, hence precise target numbers are defined, assuring that the user experience of 6 million daily visitors to the site will be most satisfactory. As a result, Lufthansa has to guarantee e-booking availability for 750 bookings per hour and prepare the infrastructure for an increase in forecasted demand and maintain availability levels.

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  1. Dalal Saad Says:

    Hi our family purchased 5 Luftansa Tickets to go and come back from Lebanon. We left Vancouver in June 6 but when we were in Lebanon there was a war. We got stuck in the war and we weren’t able to go back to Canada with a Luftansa Plane.We did’nt use our Luftansa tickets on the way back because of the war that happened in Lebanon.Our family is wondering if the Luftansa company is going to compensate us.Our family thinks that we paid for tickets that we did not use and we are wondering how are you going to compensate us.Thank you.

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