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PHP and PEAR: Coming of age

Posted on 05 May 2003 by Demian Turner

A fine article by Harry Fuecks over at phpPatterns(). Harry goes into detail on a number of PEAR packages including: 

  • PHP Mole, the PHP-GTK based IDE
  • phpDocumentor, how to create self-documenting code
  • PHPUnit, unit testing for PHP
  • Quickform, a remarkable form package that can turn a nightmare form project into a breeze
  • Net_FTP
  • Cache, a full-featured, script-level caching solution
  • XML_Tree
  • the PEAR SOAP package
  • and more

Notably missing, in my opinion, is DB_Dataobect, which I hope to publish a tutorial on shortly, however you can visit the excellent, recently revamped docs here. Without exaggeration I can honestly say this package saved me about 70% of the development time on a project involving 15-20 large entities, some 50-75 properties each.  With DB_Dataojbect the state management is reduced to a few lines of code.

“PHP5 and PEAR could well make PHP unquestionably the #1 solution for building web sites.”

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