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View your headers in action: HTTP Live Headers

Posted on 25 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks again to John from PHPeverywhere for having picked out a jewel.

Most developers, especially in the Open Source community, will already be using Mozilla or Netscape browsers.  And some of them will already know of the great plugins available, for example the Venkman Javascript debugger.

But did you know with the recent HTTP Live Headers plugins you can view your headers in a console with each page request?  An invaluable debugging aid for situations when

  • images cannot be force-downloaded
  • cookie problems
  • and, my favourite, when you get the “Warning: Page has Expired” message as a result of hitting the ‘back’ button

One of the best extensions to Mozilla is the Live HTTP Headers. This extension gives you the ability to view the HTTP headers that are passed between your browser and the web server. If you for example are trying to debug a cookie problem or a MIME header problem you can view all the details of the HTTP headers with this extension.

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  1. imran Says:

    how to use multiple urls in file_get_contents, i have problem that there are multiple pages with links and i have to show all of the data… so plz help me.

  2. Essie Says:

    Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!

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