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Top 10 PHP Sites

Posted on 28 April 2003 by Demian Turner

Thanks to Manuel Lemos over at for his compilation of Alexa data ranking the top PHP sites.  As there are about 10 000 PHP sites at large these days it’s qiute interesting to see which end being the ones that get traffic.

In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard about, you should definitely pop by for a visit.  Manuel has a collection of 1096 (and counting) PHP classes and a very active community of some 107 000 PHP developers.

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  1. daynah Says:

    My site is just trailing behind… lol

    It currently ranks 292,378 now. 🙂

  2. mlemos Says:

    Any sites will be included if they satisfy these conditions:

    • Reasonably popular site being regularly updated. Making queries to Alexa just to list sites that are not always providing interesting PHP content, is not worth the effort.
    • Site dedicated exclusively to the PHP language. Sites that also dedicate to other languages do not qualify. It would not be fair to compare sites with different focus.
    • Site must have a own domain and not be a property of a larger domain even if that domain is for a site dedicated exclusively to PHP.

      For instance, qualifies, but or any other sub-domain does not because Alexa considers it to be all the same.

    Exceptions are opened to sites that are already partners of the PHP classes. These may be included even if they are not exclusively dedicated to PHP language.

    Partner sites are those that exchange links with the PHP Classes site, like for instance PHPKitchen.

    Partner sites also have exclusive access to an updated version of the top 10 list that can be syndicated and placed in the partner sites pages like PHPKitchen does.

    Other than that, there are no restrictions to get listed in this PHP top sites chart. That means that even non-english sites or even personal sites can be listed.

    So, if you have a PHP site that meets the above requirements or even you would like to become a partner of the PHP Classes site, just contact the site sending a message to

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