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HOWTO: PEAR, a list of tutorials

Posted on 12 April 2003 by Demian Turner

2005-03-10: Added XML_sql2xml, HTML_Form and DB_NestedSet (Will Killian)
2005-03-07: added Config tutorial
2005-02-26: added Text_CAPTCHA tutorial
2005-02-24: added XML_Statistics tutorial
2005-02-09: added 2 new Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer tutorials
2005-01-23: added new HTML_Template_Flexy plugin tut
2005-01-03: added 2 new HTML_Quickform tuts
2004-11-16: added Image_Graph tutorial (thanks Andy Crain)
2004-10-17: added LiveUser tutorial (thanks Werner M. Krauss)
2004-09-21: added new PHPdocumentor tutorial

As the PEAR community is growing there’s increasing demand for documentation and tutorials. As it happens, there’s already some great tutorials out there, here’s what I’ve come across so far.

PEAR Tutorials

If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. kurt94 Says:

    A quick explanation of Spreadscheet_Excel_Writer in German

  2. cnb Says:


  3. tariquesani Says:

    Some like this one, give a 404

  4. demian Says:

    thanks for mentioning, i\’ve deleted it now, need to run a link checker bot at some point 😉



  5. Hannes Says:

    Remote Procedure Calls with PEAR::XML-RPC

  6. pesoto74 Says:

    I found some good information on HTML_QuickForm here
    I also found this on using HTML_QuickForm with Smarty

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