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What’s the Difference between Content Management and Document Management?

Posted on 13 March 2003 by Demian Turner

from IBM’s DB2 Magazine, written by Priscilla Emery

You probably don’t stay up at night pondering the meaning of all the acronyms for content and document management.  Still, if you intend to implement any web-basaed repository of information, you’d better be able to sort them out.  Even though the lines of distinction are blurring, it helps to know which of these technologies is right for your project or organisation.

Last year’s marketing hype proclaimed that document management (DM) was dead and content managment (CM) tools were winning the race to provide an effective way to manage information in a web-based environment.

Documents come in a variety of formats (including MS Word, TIFF, JPEG and PDF).  Web-based content and rich-media documents can include video, Flash graphics, sounds, and other elements.  In essence, managing content goes beyond whole documents to include the elements or objects that make up content.

Although there’s some merging of different capabilities in a variety of products, there are still differences that result from a CM vs. DM heritage.


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