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Interface Domination with WebFX

Posted on 06 February 2003 by Demian Turner

Thank goodness it was such an easy name to remember, even though I could barely see straight when a friend started talking about WebFX in a bar the other night, I managed to retain the key search term for Google the next day.

Are you in for a treat, this set of GPL dHTML scripts really brings home the interface bacon.  Perhaps after slaving hours over your PHP scripts you don’t have the time (or inclination) to elevate you javasript to the same daring levels, well now Erik Arvidsson and Emil A Eklund have done the honours for you.  Check out their site for examples of

  • Sortable Table
  • Posted Grid Widget
  • DHTML Menu 4.2
  • Slider
  • XLoadTree 1.1
  • Help Tool Tip 1.1
  • Selectable Elements

The site’s a bit slow so be patient, all scripts are available under your choice of 3 licenses, GPL being one of them, and work under IE5, Mozilla and Opera.

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