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HOWTO: logrotate

Posted on 17 February 2003 by Demian Turner

Are you administering a Linux/Unix system that’s running out of space? Getting to grips with the logrotate utility can solve a lot of problems for you. Especially when talking about apache logs, your hard disk can fill up quite quickly if you’re running a few busy sites. Just as an example, a typical 100MB log file when gzipped reduces down to 5MB, so why not use logrotate to take keep your logs under control for you.

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  1. Arteal Says:

    Hmm, and what about some info about logrotate? Or link? 🙂

  2. Demian Turner Says:

    Yes I had some probs upgrading my blog, the ‘read more’ continuations got chopped, am working on re-instating the missing content.

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